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For twenty years, in Seoul, Gangnam, it has been offering premium imported cosmetics to women in their 30s up to 60s and older. Presently, it has developed its own signature products, based on EMU oil, with skin brightening, anti-aging and moisturizing proven effect. Therefore, it has positioned itself as a luxury Premium VVIP brand with in the leading center of K-Beauty in the world, having its customers centered in the Chungdam-dong, Gangnam, Seoul Korea. The process of manufacturing is performed under strict quality control and hygiene, paving a road to become the best in the industry.

+VVIP cosmetic Cheongdam-Bi

Cheongdam-Bi , is  a specialized cosmetic line, based on several years of research to manage the various skin problems affecting our clientele. With the most avant-garde and advanced technology and tools, promises to give you the gift of a perfect skin. Cheongdam-Bi gives you back the youth, the elasticity, the radiance and adds an extra glow to your skin. “Experience the Transformation”

It strengthens the skin membrane (barrier), that protects the skin from harm and feeds it with the best and abundant nutrients. It increases skin layer density with the numerous nutrients that penetrates into the depth of skin, adding a continuously improving elasticity to offer you a healthier skin.

SNC Co., Ltd.

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