Chungdam-Bi’s Main Ingredients

EMU oil

It is known to be a superior ingredient for moisturizing skin, and has strong anti-inflammatory effect.

100% natural ingredient, that can be safely used by babies and adults.

The EMU oil is extracted from the EMU (Ostrich Family)’s chest area. (EMU can only be found in Austraslia)

Purified and refined, containing Omega 3,6,9 (α -linolenic acid, linol(e)ic acid, and oleic acid.) It comes with abundance ingredients, the 100% EMU oil.

Benefits of EMU-oil

100% Natural Ingredient

100% Non-allergenic, with no side effects or damaging effects to the skin.

Superior Absorption

Because the EMU oil’s ingredients are similar in structure to human fat, it can penetrate to the deepest layers of skin,Offering continuous moisture.

Does NOT block pores

In contrast to other oil products, EMU oil doesn’t block the pores, therefore, it can be safely used by anyone.

Nutrition and Strong Moisturizing Effect

EMU oil continuously wraps the skin in a protective membrane, trapping moisture and preventing it from dissipating, Therefore, a well moisturized skin is guaranteed.

It strengthens and protects skin tissue.

EMU oil, strengthens the skin layers, especially the surface layer, which when strengthened, can trap moisture and protects the skin

No stickiness, No greasiness

Because EMU oil has the power to penetrate fast and effectively, reaching down to the deepest layers, there is NO stickiness and greasiness.

Natural creation of Sebum Layer

It provides the skin with an all-natural Sebum layer, adding a silky glow to the skin, whereas moisture is prevented from dissipating, creating a soft skin

Superior emulsifiability

EMU oil has two main ingredients that are naturally bound to mix well,It has a superior emulsifiability


SYN-AKE is made by combining Waglerin1 (Muscle contraction inhibitor) extracted from Temple Vipers that belong to the Cobra family; with Peptide, that attaches to the acetylcholine receptor’s instead of acetylcholine, to inhibit muscle contracting signals, and therefore, it is able to prevent wrinkles from appearing

The Waglerin1 that is found in Temple vipers, the tiny sequence is utilized into making a small, particle containing 500Da Tripeptide, which has a maximum effect in penetration, therefore, it can prevent wrinkles from appearing on the skin.

Ginseng Collagen

Ginseng plant extract Collagen fills ups the gap between cells, adding more elasticity and radiance to the skin.


 Carotenoid The patented ingredient with a superior effect in protecting the skin. It promises to effectively improve skin tone, turning it into a bright glowing skin.

7 different types of Switch Ecocert

Peppermint, mallow, cowslip, Alchemilla Vulgaris, lemon calm, Linear-leaf spike speedwell, yarrow extracts, seven different natural ingredients to soften and relax the skin by adding strength as well.

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